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En kortfattad översikt över EU-finansierad forskningsprojekt finns i "Thematic research summary: Climate policy and energy efficiency", 2014,  av Dimitar Stoyanov, Kristiana Chakarova och Petko Dimitrov. I den rapporten behandlas ett mindre antal projekt. Förteckningen nedan är betydligt mer omfattande och är en del av: "Energieffektivisering i transportsektorn. Litteraturreferenser och information om forskningsprojekt 2010-2015"


  • CLOSER - Connecting LOng and Short-distance networks for Efficient tRansport. Final report, 2012. Full text report

  • CITYLOG - Sustainability and efficiency of city logistics, 2013. Final report. Full text report

  • ULYSSES – the ultra slow ship of the future, 2012(?). Full text report

  • SuperGreen - supporting EU’s freight transport logistics action plan on green corridors issues.

    Green Corridors Handbook. Volume I, 2013. Full text report

    Green Corridors Handbook. Volume II, 2013. Full text report

  • Poly-SUMP. Planning together Sustainable Mobility in Polycentric Regions, 2014. Full text report

  • TEFLES - Technologies and Scenarios For Low Emissions Shipping.

    Report on the state of the art ship docked in port scenario, 2012. Full text report

    State of the art and efficiency report, 2011. Full text report

  • Cyclelogistics – moving Europe forward. Potential to shift goods transport from cars to bicycles in European cities, 2013. Full text report

  • TARGETS – Targeted Advanced Research for Global Efficiency of Transportation Shipping. Final public report, 2014. Full text report

  • ECOSTARS - Efficient Cleaner Operation Stars. Final report, 2014. Full text report

  • GREEN EFFORTS - Green and Effective Operations at Terminals and in Ports. Final report summary, 2014. Full text of summary

  • USEMOBILITY - Understanding social behaviour for eco-friendly multimodal mobility. Why do travellers in Europe change transport mode? Facts and implications for policy and providers, 2013. Full text report

    More reports from the project

  • INOMANS²HIP - INOvative Energy MANagement System for Cargo SHIP. 2011-2014

    Link to website

  • KITVES - Airfoil-based Solution for Vessel On-board Energy Production Destined to Traction and Auxiliary Services. 2008-2012

    Link to website

  • COFRET - Carbon footprint of freight transport. 2011-2013

    Link to website

  • Straightsol - STRAtegies and measures for smarter urban freIGHT SOLutions, 2014. Final report summary

  • Tellisys - Intelligent Transport System for Innovative Intermodal Freight Transport. 2011-2014
    Link to web site

  • Merlin - Sustainable and intelligent management of energy for smarter railway systems in Europe: an integrated optimisation approach. 2012-2015

    Link to website

  • Reducing the Demand for Travel: Mobile and Flexible Working Programmes, MVA Consultancy Ltd

    Scottish Government 2013. Full text report

  • Core – CO2 REduction for long distance transport. 2012-2015

    Link to website

  • BB Green - Battery powered Boats, providing Greening, Resistance reduction, Electric, Efficient and Novelty. 2011-2014

    Link to website

  • OSIRIS - Optimal Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption In urban rail Systems. 2012-2014

    Link to website

  • MARATHON - Make Rail The Hope for protecting Nature. The MARATHON 1500m Train Opening up new horizons in Rail Freight Transport in Europe, 2014. Full text handbook

  • NAVTRONIC - Navigational System for Efficient Maritime Transport. 2009-2012

    Link to website

  • STREAMLINE - Strategic Research For Innovative Marine Propulsion Concepts. 2010-2014

    Link to website

  • TRIPOD - TRIple Energy Saving by Use of CRP, CLT and PODded Propulsion

    Final report 1. Application of CFD tools to the development of a novel propulsion concept Full text report

    Final report 2. TRIPOD: The development of a Novel Propulsion Concept Full text report

  • GRIP - Green Retrofitting through Improved Propulsion, 2011-2014

    Link to website

  • TOSCA - Technology Opportunities and Strategies towards Climate-friendly Transport
    Final report, 2011. Full text report

  • HYMAR - High Efficiency Hybrid Drive Trains for Small and Medium Sized Marine Craft. 2009-2012

    Link to website

  • HERCULES-C - Higher Efficiency, Reduced Emissions, Increased Reliability and Lifetime, Engines for Ships

    Link to website

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